Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why NFL players annoy me

So this is a topic that I know many of my friends won’t really care about but it’s been in the headlines a lot lately and I think it is at very least interesting.

Presently a lot of NFL contracts are in “negotiations” a couple of big names that have been in the press recently are Drew Brees and Wes Welker. The respective teams of these two players used what is called a franchise tag on them. This means they cannot play for another team in the coming year (unless they are traded) and this is in spite of the fact that their contracts recently expired. So they have to work out a new contract with their current team or not play in the NFL for the next year, maybe two. Drew Brees recently said that the contract negotiations weren’t just about money; I’m not sure what else they could be about, but whatever. I’m guessing he is talking about the difference between getting paid $10 million a year and $15 million a year, or maybe it’s because he wants a guaranteed salary until he’s 40. Either way the guy is an idiot; he might be one of the best quarterbacks ever to play but really what’s the difference between $10 and $15 million? I guess I just don’t understand. I know there are other quarterbacks who may be getting paid more but who the crap cares what they are getting paid? They have a different team, coach, family, home life, city, and probably a different Ferrari. I’m just a little jaded by the whole perception that life is somehow not fair for this guy because he doesn’t get the same salary Peyton Manning does. Peyton Manning has to live in Denver, and wear a Broncos uniform, so he has is problems too. All this really boils down to is the fact that I love going to sporting events but I think the egos of these players are going to drive fans away. Wes Welker is no better, he could complain all day that he has led the team/NFL in receiving yards or whatever but how many other receivers have Tom Brady throwing them the ball? It sure makes it a lot easier. I know it’s too bad they won’t give Welker a 3 year deal or whatever it is he wants. But seriously if I could make $9.5 million in one year I would probably take it and retire, though I obviously am lacking the same lifestyle expectations these guys seem to have.

These NFL players have a serious “keeping up with the Joneses” complex that I will never understand. I wonder if this problem is a result of the public sharing of NFL salaries? Do these players think they are undervalued merely because they are being offered less than their counterparts at other organizations? Or is it because they legitimately feel they bring a certain level of value to the organization that they are entitled to a significant share of the company proceeds? Or is it just simple greed? 

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